About S&R Cutting Formes, Redditch
Derek Shewring and Clive Richards are the main bodies of the business, they have been partners since 1990 and have both worked in the trade since they were 16 years old (They are both a lot greyer now).

The business started off in a very small unit with just one saw and 2 benches. Within 12 months the business progressed to such an extent they needed to move to a bigger unit and employ another member of staff. Another 12 months later the business had to move on again, which then progressed to a third move and the need to employ yet another member of staff, followed by another move three years later.

S&R Cutting Formes are now well established in the print, box and packaging trade and have developed their own expertise. They have expanded tremendously over the past few years and now have expanded the business to take on new technology in the form of computer generated tools and machinery.